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Les Proches de la Grande Tortue is a group of individuals who interpret living history of les habitants de la Nouvelle-France. Currently, we focus mainly on the French & Indian War era. Most of our interpretation pertains to the French, native, and Metis civilians of the 1750s and 60s.
Updates on the site will be published below. If you have any questions that aren't answered on the questions page, or if you have any problems viewing this site, please feel free to email Katie [katie (AT) katiejacobs (DOT) com].

Event Wrapup

Tortue attended Fort St. Joseph's Education Days last weekend. The weather was cold, the fire was smoky, and the people were incredibly kind. We met, I believe, the Rabbit River Brigade and Tarttown, who overwhelmed us with their generosity, hospitality, and cordiality in opening their event (and homes!) to us. There's an image gallery of our event photos here. Please, if you find any broken links or images, or if you have any questions, contact Katie [katie (AT) katiejacobs (DOT) com] and let us know.

Fort St. Joseph, October 24-26

Our application has been submitted to those in charge of the Education Days at Fort St. Joseph in Niles, MI. I also left a message with the chairwoman to call me if the application was not received; I've heard nothing and therefore assume our packet is safe.

Also, the delegation of tasks has begun. For any questions regarding our application information, this website, or any other administrative questions, please contact me (Katie). For any questions on what might be appropriate in terms of clothing, activities, or supplies, or if you have a question involving research, ask Andrew. Everyone should have received an email with a .xls Excel spreadsheet with everyone's phone numbers and email addresses. Various ride-share information will be forthcoming once October gets closer.


The prototype site has been upgraded to an actual site with the addition of a navigation bar at the top of each page, as well as actual pages to navigate to. A short explanation as to why I'm doing this in the first place has also been added at the top of this page.


Prototype website launched. Tortue, as I've affectionately nicknamed us, has a Facebook group. I have no comment on my current mental state; the existence of this website speaks for itself. (Alternate title, to quote Mike McCarty, "You need to get yourself a hobby, Katie!")