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Tyler's Smallclothes
For Under the Redcoat 2010

Serving the Officers' Mess

I'll be honest; I can't claim credit for all of this outfit. The coat and shirt pictured above are courtesy of Mike McCarty, wile I'm responsible for the waistcoat and breeches. When Tyler said the options where me making him clothes, or him being naked at Under the Redcoat, well, the choice was clear. Mike had already provided the coat as his Christmas present to Tyler, so all that remained was for me to pick fabrics that didn't clash horribly with orange and red.

A more casual look.

I decided that I needed to make Tyler's clothes from fabrics I already had. Not that I don't want to spend money on Tyler (although we've argued about this more than once), but I was working within a time constraint and everything I already owned was not only essentially free, it was already pre-washed and in my possession. The tan linen/cotton for the breeches is a length I've had for a long time and keep using bit-by-bit for various projects. The stripe for the waistcoat is left over from my crossover regency dress. The long seams are machined, but all the finishing is hand-done. Including buttonholes, which was kind of a big deal for me.

They clean up nicely, don't they?